Dr Christiaan Vorster
Prosthodontist in Somerset West, South Africa
Our work is our passion and we strive to ensure the best experience and outcome for our unique and valued patients

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World class prosthodontic treatment

We will ensure that you will be treated as an individual at each visit. We aspire to be thorough and efficient, providing you with long term professional care.
We recognize and acknowledge that comfort, pleasing aesthetics and long-term outcomes are of utmost concern to all our patients and we strive to deliver the best treatment in line with these concerns without compromising on quality.

Treatments are performed employing the latest digital technology

Digital technologies enable our team to better diagnose and plan your treatment. We can now communicate with our patients and other dental specialists quicker and more precise than in the past with more detail and accuracy. This improves the quality and care we provide to our patients

Our work is
our passion

With years of experience in rehabilitative dentistry, our team can help you improve your smile and boost your confidence! We specialise in advanced treatments like porcelain crowns, and veneers, dental implant reconstructions, tooth whitening, and much more!

We are a team
of perfectionists

Not sure what you need? Schedule a consultation and our expert dental specialists will do a thorough examination. We can assess whether you’re a candidate for your preferred treatments, suggest alternatives, and help you get the function back in your mouth and the smile you deserve.

Properly performed diagnosis is crucial considering further effective cooperation. It is important to be aware that all symptoms can be prevented by eliminating causes.

A beautiful smile allows the happiness that a person is feeling to shine from within, and brightens the entire face. It instantly puts a person in a good mood and is infectious to everyone around them

If you dream of a beautiful smile, we will help to make those dreams come true. Our main goal is to restore proper function while maintaining beautiful smile aesthetics.



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We try to make everything as easy and stress-free as possible when scheduling your first visit! We accept credit/debit cards and ask that all electronic payments be made a day ahead of your procedure.

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